Section 268. Prohibition of business travel, overtime and night work on days off and public holidays for workers under 18 years of age In cases where the events described in paragraph 1 of this Article may result in collective redundancies of workers, the employer shall have the right to introduce an incomplete working day for a period of up to six months in order to preserve jobs. In this case, the employer must take into account the opinion of the elected union representatives of that organization. In order to pursue the objectives of labour protection, an employee may refuse to perform work not provided for in the collective agreement, as well as refuse to perform the work, which constitutes an immediate threat to his or her life and health, except in cases established by federal laws. During the period of refusal to perform this work, all the rights of an employee set forth in this Code, other laws and other legal acts must be respected. The interests of workers in collective bargaining on the conclusion and amendment of agreements, the settlement of collective disputes over the conclusion or amendment of agreements, the exercise of control over their implementation and the establishment of committees to regulate industrial and industrial relations and to carry out their activities shall be affected by the competent trade unions, their territorial organisations, trade union federations and trade union federations. The additional paid annual leave provided for in Article 321 of this Code shall be granted to workers who have been working for the employer for six months. The employer must examine the request of the workers` representatives demonstrating that labour laws and other normative acts, collective agreements or contractual conditions are violated by the head of the organization and/or his deputies and report to the workers` representation. Accidents which occur among workers and other persons, including those who are subject to compulsory social security against accidents at work and occupational diseases, in the performance of their professional duties and the work assigned by their organisation or employer, who is a natural person, shall be investigated and registered. The procedure and amount of compensation for expenses related to business travel are determined by the collective agreement or the local standard law of the organization. The amount of compensation may not be less than that determined by the Government of the Russian Federation for organizations financed from the federal budget. Occupational safety is a system for maintaining the life and health of employees in the course of their professional activities, including legal, socio-economic, effective, sanitary and hygienic measures, treatment and prophylaxis, rehabilitation and others.

Article 366 State control of compliance with health and safety rules After its adoption, the arbitral award, which recognizes the illegality of the strike, is subject to immediate enforcement. Workers must end the strike and return to the strike unit no later than the day after a copy of this compensation is issued. The employment contract with an individual employer may be concluded both for an unspecified period and for a fixed period by agreement of the parties. .

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