Taiwan Organic rules and certification. Legislative acts are the legal basis for determining whether products inside Taiwan can be marketed as organic, including those imported from outside Taiwan. USDA reviews requests for organic equivalence from foreign governments based on budget and resource availability. If the USDA decides to continue, the foreign government will be asked to make a detailed comparison between its organic system and the USDA system. In general, all USDA and COR certified organic products are suitable for trade under this equivalence, but there are some provisions. The United States has an export trade relationship with Taiwan. This agreement allows USDA organic products to be sold in Taiwan as organic products. First, foreign governments seeking organic equivalence with the United States turn to the USDA for an equivalence determination. The country provides information on its organic system, including the organization that manages the organic program, its organic standards and how it ensures compliance with the standards (conformity assessment). The country shall also indicate a description of the crops or products for which equivalence is sought (e.g. Β all agricultural products, animal products, crop products). Identification. For retail products, labels or stickers must indicate the name of the U.S.

or Taiwanese certifier and may use the USDA organic label. Exported organic products must meet the labelling requirements in the country of destination. The use of the Taiwanese organic brand is limited to Taiwanese companies and should not be applied to USDA organic products. Exports of USDA organic products. U.S. organic products exported to Canada must be accompanied by an organic certificate issued by a USDA-accredited certification agent, recognized in accordance with the terms of the U.S.-Canada Equivalency Agreement. The organic certificate issued by the USDA must contain the following certificate: Bio-equivalence is if two countries recognize that the other`s biological program is equivalent. If two countries are equivalent, organic products can be sold in both countries with a single organic certification.

For U.S. exporters, this reduces the number of certifications they must maintain. The National Organic Program is committed to protecting biological integrity through the following activities: To be eligible, USDA certified organic products must be: for retail products, labels or stickers must indicate the name of the U.S. or Canadian certifier and may use the USDA organic label or Canadian organic logo. All product labels for USDA exports to Canada must be in English and French….

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