« Parliament ratified the agreement » About 2,160 results The Mate called a sailor and went himself to eighth to carry out the order. We`ve heard some great and interesting ideas on how to do that. They planned to take Indian diplomats hostage and then execute them when Modi took office. Sunnis execute prisoners en masse, their messages are expressed in large numbers. It approved the project; And he left to execute it. It was his province to legislate and enforce the laws. Then he explained the nature of the small mission he wanted to accomplish. But it was the first time I showed Lorne and Seth and everyone else at the show that I could handle and execute the pressure. And she asked Gerard how to fulfill this mission. His theories were boring to hear and impossible to execute.

Divorce. The former wife ratified the agreement made on her behalf by accepting the benefits of the agreement, only the brains and hands in charge of the laws could be able to execute it! Do quoque. Unfortunately, I no longer have my full version of Dead Trees from the OED. Merriam-Webster supports me, not you. The ratifyer formalized a signed agreement. Logically, it must be a third party. Unlike authorization, sanction, approval, etc., ratification means the signing of the agreement or treaty. Whether it`s crazy or simple, I don`t know if I would try to execute any of them. No command, no matter how smart or prudent, will come into effect properly, unless those who have to execute them depend on it. So, if our will is evil and we carry it out, is God sinning in our name? Then there is the digital infrastructure needed to properly carry out the Agency`s main activities. « Then, » replied M.

Lincoln, I will forgive him, » and he immediately continued to execute the paper. Sign or give formal consent (a contract, contract or agreement), which will make it officially valid. New American Dictionary 2007 « Sally, could you let me know if the employment contract has been ratified or not. » In most Member States of the Community, even without divorce, the spouses can conclude an agreement at any time which. only by the husband against his interest in the common property, the wife having neither signed nor ratified the convention. The tour cost us US$147,802 for production and directing. Around noon, the order was given to carry out the mission the next day. The arbitration of the bishops had the force of a positive law, and the judges were ordered to execute the decrees spelled out. I have been chosen by you to implement and enforce the laws of the land. The grand vizier only had to want it to execute it on the spot.


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