The activated terms that are used in this shared loss trade agreement that are not defined in this trade agreement on shared losses are defined in the purchase and acceptance agreement. This list includes banks that, between July 10, 2008 and September 13, 2013, indicate whether or not there was a loss-sharing agreement, and the type: « periodic maintenance amount » refers, for each twelve-month period, to the proceeds of (i) the simple average of the principal amount of shared loss loans and shared loss assets (except shared securities) (except shared securities) (in all cases within the meaning of the agreement) shared loss). – 3: A performance report on assets under trade and other assets in the pool as a percentage of losses « OTTI Adjustment » refers to any other temporary reduction in the value of shared lot securities expressed by FAS 115 , expressed in positive numbers or negative value other than temporary depreciation, expressed in terms of doubt (in order to avoid doubts). , normal and normal changes in the market resulting from the application of fair value calculations are not eligible for loss-participation payments). (vi) Payments made by the beneficiary under this shared loss commercial agreement are administrative costs borne by the recipient. To the extent that the recipient requires shared loss payment credits related to this shared business loss agreement, the recipient of the FDIC, in his ability as a business, solicits funds under the master and security loan contract as amended (« MLSA »). The recipient will not approve any changes to the MLSA that would prevent the recipient from using MLSA to fund payments with shared losses. 6.6 Cumulative rights. Unless expressly otherwise, the rights of each of the parties are cumulative under this commercial shared loss agreement, may be exercised as often as they deem appropriate and, in addition to each of these parties153, under the sales and sale contract and any of the related agreements, or under the law.

Unless expressly otherwise stated, any non-exercise or delay in the exercise of these rights or any partial or improper exercise of these rights is not considered to be a waiver or modification of that right or any other. This loss-sharing expense agreement for certain credits and other assets (the Commercial Shared-Loss Agreement) applies when the acquiring institution acquires shared loss assets, as defined in that term. The terms of this contract amend and complement, if applicable, the terms of the purchase and acceptance agreement to which this shared loss commercial agreement is attached and included in Appendix 4.15B.

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