The Prophet promised that if they acted according to the agreement, their place would be in paradise, but if they were disobedient, it was for Allah to forgive or torture them. In the terminology of historians, this `Bay`at` is called `Bay`atun Nisa` (Bay`at of women) because at the time of the conquest of Makkah, the Prophet took a similar `bay`at` of women. As the people of Yathrib have promised to fight alongside the Prophet Muhammad (s), this promise is called a promise of war. Some members of Ansar (assistants) have said that they will fight for the Prophet Mohamed from the first night. Al-Abbas, born Ubada, asked the Prophet Muhammad (s) permission to attack the polytheists who were hajjing in Mina, but prophet refused and told them to return to their families and loved ones. [12] The text of the agreement, concluded after their embrace of Islam, said: « We have reached an agreement with the Prophet, that we will be obliged to do so: « We will not associate anyone with Allah We will not steal or commit adultery. We will not kill our children. We do not and will not fail to do good deeds. After the oath of allegiance (the bay), the Prophet (pbuh) sent Mus`ab bin `Umair Al-`Abdari (RA) to Yathrib to teach people the teachings of Islam, give them practical guides and try to spread Islam among those who still profess polytheism. Thus Mus`ab bin `Umair Al-`Abdari (RA) became the first Muslim « ambassador ». Then Abul Haitham interrupted At-Taihan and said, « O prophet of everything! There are agreements between us and the Jews, and we will separate them. If Allh grants you power and victory, we should expect you not to leave us and join the ranks of your people (i.e.

Quras)? The Prophet smiled and answered: After the first promise of al-Aqaba, the Prophet Muhammad (s) sent Mus`ab b. Umayr in Medina to teach the Koran to newly converted Muslims. [10] However, some historians have mentioned that after the second oath, he was sent to Medina by al-Aqaba. [11] That night we slept with our men in our camps. After a third of the night had passed, we started walking quietly and found ourselves near a nearby hill.

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