26. The proportions of poisoning…………. subject to this. V. In each of the following sentences, put the verb in parentheses in the right form: II Specify the good times and the form of the verbs in parentheses: But with subtraction and division, always use unique verbs. . 19. For me, mathematics (be) ……… something very easy to master. .

6. Our site has a page that ……… frequently asked questions by its users. Question 9: Tom disagrees, but the rest of us do. Question 19: The two girls… pretty, but none of them……. intelligent. 9. One of the employees……….

to report the problem to the director . . . . 17 .C. The word in combination with the theme of these images, does not connect to the next nod, as well. Ex: The students were on the beach yesterday with their fitness teacher. The police question is number one no. [7]: If the two subjects by OR, NOR, BUT, NOT ONLY… but…

ALSO, EITHER… OR, NOR… again… conciliation on the theme « the Committee » is then used as No. 1 No. 1. On the basis of « already » the phrase « Reach » divides here in the current completion period. 15. The plan as well as the proposals………. The Committee on Eastern Europe will be presented at the next meeting on Monday. 18.

Each of the building`s doctors must have a separate reception area. . 7. England have lost all their football matches this season. 8. Is the police aware of the stolen money? 5. The office (try) ……… A lot to win the heart of the leader lately. 1. Either John or you……….

to be responsible for the unfinished business. Two names linked by « with » as a subject, the term is divided by the previous name. « The boy » is a nod that sings, so that the word is divided into songs. Translation: five years in prison is the heaviest sentence for this crime. 2. Lots of girls in my school (wearing) white shirts. – The moon and six pence are for art for art. 11.

20 per cent of the forest was destroyed late. Question 3: Measles……… It is proven that it is caused by some kind of virus. Divide the words by nodding word in the main sentence 14. All students in the class taught by Professor Roberts must call on their semi-annual contributions next Monday. 2. Success in business ……… strategies that will satisfy both the employer and the workers. For example, « Chi Pheo » is a famous work by Nam Cao. . 8. Some do not have words a singly form, but consent the singly V.

Complete the sentences with est/are, have/have or do/ do. Question 35: Whether you`re doing a computer science class… very much needed . . . However, if these two words describe a person, an object or a general idea, the word is always insightful. 5. Each employee …….

Security procedures must be formed to ensure the security of customers` private information.

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