Fixing « xcodebuild tool » requires Xcode without Xcode installation, sudo mv xcrun xcrun.old sudo mv xcodebuild.old. 3. Recreate – fill with needed content sudo echo -e `! bin/ sh`n` > xcrun sudo xcodebuild -license Which should view/accept it in behalf of all accounts on that particular Mac. In the latest versions of Xcode, you can accept it in one step: sudo xcodebuild-license accepts works with macOS Catalina 10.15 and Xcode 11.5. Warning: Xcode is installed, but its license has not been accepted. Run Xcode and accept the license agreement. Mac OSX: can`t start Git after mac OS/XCode update – IDEs, IDE issues an error message stating that it « can`t start git: /usr/bin/git, » the Xcode/iOS license requires admin rights, please restart root via sudo`. Solution: Run in the `sudo xcodebuild-license` terminal, then accept the conditions. where I had to accept the license assaults before running git. 0. After launching an XCode upgrade on a MacOS Sierra, the git call in a terminal leads in surprisingly: `git Consent to the Xcode/iOS license requires admin rights, please rebooted under the name root via sudo. And the order is over. This happens regardless of the option that is given to git, including none or –version.

The order was operating normally before accepting the XCode license. If you haven`t installed/don`t need XCode, you can simply install the development tools that also enter into the license agreement: if I try to update my certificates, there is a warning that I must accept new terms and licensing agreements. After running sudo xcode-select -s … Then your script worked very well and did not accept the programming license. A real help… If you look at these values and values of the Previously shown PlistBuddy command, you can see how they are associated. licenseType will be either GM or Beta, and these will determine which of the two key pairs will be set in XcodeVersionForAgreedTo.

The key contains CFBundleShortVersionString. Just reorganize… sudo xcode-select -s / Applications/ sudo xcodebuild -license accept What worked for me was the deletion of the file: Library/Preferences/, then running `sudo xcodebuild -license accept` in the terminal. How it works, as others have pointed out: You can sign up as an apple developer for free; Development FDI (Xcode) is available for free on mac. Alternatively, launch Xcode by double-clicking on the icon and accept it if it is presented with the license agreement. Update for new information: It looks like this could be a MATLAB problem. What version of Xcode do you run? Check MATLAB to see if it`s a supported version. git is broken: « Approval of the Xcode/iOS license requires admin, OK, I found the problem: the message came from Git`s remote server, not the client page.

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