This Venue Hire Agreement was written to cover a variety of venues suitable for a wide variety of private events and events. Detailed rules govern key factors such as customer use of the site, use of associated equipment and personnel, health and safety, and guest behaviour and ordering. The village hall assumes no responsibility for the equipment or other stored goods that are transferred or left on the site and any liability in case of loss or damage is excluded. All equipment and other items that are not stored on the site by appointment must be removed at the end of each rental or storage period. The village house may, 7 days later, at its discretion, by sale or otherwise, sell such objects on the terms it deems appropriate and charge the tenant`s storage and daily costs for the storage, sale or disposal of these items. In this case, the tenant is entitled to a refund of down payments or rental fees already paid, but the village house is not responsible for the resulting direct or indirect losses or damages. The tenant must report to the public all accidents that have been injured as quickly as possible to an authorized representative of the village house and fill out the corresponding section in the accident logbook of the village house. The tenant ensures that appropriate medical assistance is requested or that an ambulance is called. Agreements with the administrators of Harwell Village Hall (« Village Hall ») regarding the rental of Harwell Village Hall or part of it (« the premises ») are subject to these lease conditions (« rental conditions »). Professional tenants must take out liability insurance (minimum 5,000,000 USD). If the tenant cancels the booking before the day of the event and the village house cannot make a replacement reservation, the village house may, at its sole discretion, request an additional payment of the rental fee or withhold part of the down payment and rental fees already paid. It is important to note that this document is intended for use only if the customer acts as a consumer and reserves the venue for an event or private function.

Its conditions are not suitable for a commercial function or an event, for example. B for a trade show or conference where the customer is a business (i.e. not a consumer). A special agreement has been written to fill such commercial bookings. If you continue your booking, you are deemed to accept the following conditions for the rental of the lobby.

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