Finally, the persistent shortage of personnel at ports of entry continues to undermine CBP`s morale. NTEU was pleased that the final funding agreement for GJ 2020 provides $104 million for 800 new CBP OFO positions, including 610 CBP agents and CBP agriculture specialists, to address staff shortages in fiscal 2019 with 2,700 CBP and 721 CBP agriculture specialists. NTEU strongly supports the level of funding for CBP OFO staff in the final funding agreement for GJ 2020 and urges Congress to increase this number in GJ 2021 to address the continuing shortage of staff at ports of entry. According to CBP flight attendant data, even with funding for new CBP OFO recruitments in GJ 2020, there is still a shortage of about 2,000 CBP officers at ports of entry. « From day one, the president has consistently stated that America is a safer place if we cooperate and listen to senior law enforcement and national defense officials – whether they are first responders, our local police, military personnel or front-line border agents, » Gidley said. White House spokesman Hogan Gidley declined to go into details of the president`s involvement in the labor deal and said only that Trump had long set a goal of supporting border security efforts. But several current and former officials, who see the new contract as union-friendly, said the White House was determined to strengthen Judd, especially after remaining loyal to Trump during the government truce earlier this year, when agents unloaded paychecks as they overcame an unprecedented wave of Central American families at the border. North Dakota Corporation, which has received $400 million in Trump`s border wall treaty In addition, according to the Joint Economic Committee (JEC), the volume of trade crossing our borders has more than tripled in the past 25 years. Long wait times lead to delays and uncertainties about travel duration, which can increase the supply chain and transportation costs.

According to the Department of Commerce, delays at the border are resulting in losses in production, wages, jobs and tax revenues due to lower spending by businesses, suppliers and consumers. DUC research has estimated that border delays cost the U.S. economy between $90 billion and $5.8 billion a year. Judd defended the allocation of hours of service and said his union`s new contract had been under negotiation since 2013. It characterized the official time as comparable to what the National Treasury Employees Union, which represents 27,000 U.S. customs and border guard officers and others – but not the Border Patrol – received in its 2017 agreement. Under the Hatch Act, federal public servants are prohibited from engageing in certain forms of partisan activity, but union officials have much more leeway. Judd often mocks Democrats as a Fox News guest and Op-ed contributor; he and other union officials showed up at events at the White House in support of Trump; And Judd joined Trump at a promotional event in Calexico, California, in April, when the president visited a new stretch of the border fence. The timing of the agreement was decisive, just weeks before a series of Trump administration executive orders that restrict the power of federal workers` unions came into force.

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