A confidentiality and invention transfer agreement is usually signed by all the founders of the company and the company`s staff. The agreement creates a confidential relationship between the parties to protect any type of confidential and proprietary information and transfers to the company any relevant work product while it deals with the company`s signatory. PandaTip: As a condition of employment, an employer may require a worker to sign an intellectual property transfer agreement that has the effect of transferring ownership of everything the worker has created during the period of employment in the company. Intellectual property transfer agreements are also concluded between companies, and even individuals, where a party wants to sell intellectual property rights for a little value – usually money. In an agreement to transfer intellectual property between the employer and the worker (what this agreement is), the employee may restrict the intellectual property that would otherwise be transferred to the employer. For example, the worker may not want to transfer what was designed or created by himself, especially when it is not about the employer`s activities. 4.6. Patent e.A. and copyright. I agree to help the company guarantee patents and copyright registrations. In particular, I agree to support the company or its agent at its expense, in all appropriate ways, in order to guarantee the rights over the company`s inventions and all copyrights, patents, trademarks, hidden work rights or other related intellectual property rights in all countries.

This support includes (i) disclosure to the company of all relevant information and data and (ii) the signing of all applications, specifications, oaths, assignments, registrations and other documents that the company deems necessary to ensure, preserve and transfer these rights and (iii) any other work that the company deems reasonably necessary to preserve and enforce its intellectual property rights. I agree to sign these reasonably necessary documents, even after the end of my relationship with the company. I herely appoint and irrevocably appoint the company and its duly authorized agents as my agent and lawyer, so that I may execute and file such documents and perform all other legitimately authorized acts, in order to be able to maintain the serum and transfer.

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